Every year Penrite Oil Company puts out a promotional calendar that goes out to their VIP clients. This year, however, needed to be something special for in 2011 Penrite was turning 85.
The 12 images used in the calendar depict the story of a fictional family-owned garage in rural Victoria. The story begins in 1925 a year before Penrite's invention. A recently returned Digger, Robert Barnes, has started a garage and a family.
The family's fortunes follow those of Penrite, and indeed Australia itself, growing and prospering as the years pass by. The garage is handed down from father to son to grandsons, and eventually to great-granddaughter. Some of Robert's descendants fight for their country, some keep the home fires burning. The business, like Penrite's, moves to a larger premises to better meet the demands of the changing world. Along the way the family expands and diversifies, just as Australia itself has. There are marriages, births, deaths, birthday parties and mucking around in the garage, moments of happiness and moments of mourning, times of celebration and times of hard, honest work.

All images shot in conjunction with Glenn Wilson, Shift of Focus Photography

Penrite Oil Company Pty Ltd